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Forestry Services :: Khowutzun Forestry Services


Khowutzun Forest Services (KFS) is Safe Certified with the BC Forest Safety Council and recently passed its external audit for 2013.


Crews are fully trained and certified to carry out Silviculture work including; manual brushing and weeding, as well as foliar and basal spraying. KFS owns a fleet of fully equipped forestry vehicles to ensure on time, on budget delivery on services.

Through Silviculture best practices a number of forest management objectives are achieved, such as, improved forest health resulting in future timber yields, cultural value, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities, as well as decreasing the chance of a young forest becoming destroyed by fire, disease and/or insects.

Our Silviculture crews are fully certified to carry a variety of work including.

  • Foliar and Basal treatments for Brushing & Weeding
  • Chemical acquisition and storage
  • Manual B&W
  • Clearing of ROWs 
  • Stand Tending
  • Spacing
  • Tree planting
  • Fuel reduction
  • Land Clearing

Fire Fighting

KFS has over 10 years experience fighting fires on the island and the mainland BC to serve your firefighting requirements.

Throughout the fire season, KFS maintains standby crews and equipment for it clients, including a 2,000 gallon pumper truck.

KFS fire crew members are fully trained and certified including (S-100,S-185, S-212, S-232, S-235, S-230, ICS -100, Transport of Dangerous goods and WHMIS).